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flickering and disappearing taxiway and aprontextures on Default and ADDON Airports

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Excuse me my english ist not so good.I have written a documentation about causes and solution possibilities.You can found the complete documentation on my home page. www.jobia.deBut it is in german only.The screenshots are taken with runways at unnormal height, so you can better see the problem. I think these are the faults:1) Runway and Flatten are not at the same height when you see the problems on airports. When LWM Polygones are laying under the runway you have a meshconnection between Runway and LWM Polygon or Mesh Scenery. The Taxiwaypolygon (FS2000) ist not so good mesh clinging as VTP2 grass polygon or Landclasscenery so you can see the VTP2 grasspoly or Landclass in this meshconnection area.The fault with normal parametershttp://jobia.bei.t-online.de/bilder/lows0.jpgThe meshconnectionhttp://jobia.bei.t-online.de/bilder/lows4.jpg2) When you have an AREA16N Flattenpolygon under the runway they ist suspending over the AREA16N flattenpoly. The surface ist flatten near the runway, so you can see no taxiwaytextures with flickering problems.http://jobia.bei.t-online.de/bilder/lows2.jpg3) You can have a switching effect between the LWM flattenorder and the AREA16N flattenorder when there are both flatten technics on the same airport.Example: When you start on an airport X you have the flickering problem when you fly to the problem airport. When you start on an Airport Y you have not the problem when you fly to the problem airport. I think this is an effect about LOD switching on the fly. When you start on an problem airport the FS2002 has many time and load the high LOD level mesh. After this the AREA16N flattenorder. So under the runway is an AREA16N flattenorder. You have no problems. When you start the FS on an Airport in the same high LOD level mesh area you have also no problems when you fly to the problem airport. When you start on an Airport outside the same high LOD level mesh area the problem airport has the AREA16N flattenorder under the runway but you have a LOD Level Change on the fly. At these LOD level change moment on the problem airport the mesh or LWM Poly is clinging to the runway. I think the use of Area16N flatten as solution to flickering problem is bad.4) The priority of AREA16N flattenorders is generally higher as LWM flattenorder. I think this is for downward compatibility to the FS2000.When you have more than one ADDONS with AREA16N Flattenpolys for the same Airport you have a problem.The priority between AREA16N Flattenpolygonen is mixed. The Polygon with a low priority in the Scenerybibliothek is handling by the FS2002 with a higher priority.The Polygon with a higher priority in the Scenerybibliothek is handling by the FS2002 with a lower priority.I think also the use of Area16N flatten is bad.5) Not all iFraction Hight results 0-127/128 of LWM flatten reported by the FS2002 correctly, so you have a slope between Runway and LWM flatten surface. So you can see the flickering problem.Joachim (JOBIA)

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