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For ExplorersTec Level not recomended for Newcomersrequires knowledge of effects and use of bglplacer from special effects sdkand understanding of Special effects sdk docsIv'e Been Tinkering with sound effects etcI have made some discovery for Fs2002 that may be usefull to scenery designers etcAs many of you already know Fssoundscape from Lago is and advanced sound placement tool. Well I have made a discovery and done some intial experimentation with an alternative idea not as all encompassing as Lagos but Free and open to almost everyone and may have some better results after experimentingFirstly I copied CFS2 Sound directory to Fs2002 and merged the twoThen I copied all the CFS2 effects directory to Fs2002 and merged it with Fs2002s effects dirI then used BGLPlacer from FS2002 special effects sdk to make a new bgl that simply refered to one of the fx files that contained a sound parameter fx_guns.fx[Library Effect]Lifetime=5Version=1.00Damage=1Hitpoints=30.00, 70.00Magnitude=20000.00, 20000.00Time=0.30, 0.30Range=50.00, 100.00Sound=5Sound Param=37etc etcThe Guts of all this is that previously one was limmited to one fireworks sound fx for an object whereas now if you understand the extra ai sounds that are called upon through the fx file you now can have heaps more (unsure of how many to be exact)Example lets say you have an explosion fx ie fx_fatal_explosion_l.fx called upon through BGLplacer set at a certain geographical location you can then go to that spot in FS and watch and hear it happenYou may then want to modify the fx_fatal_explosion_l.fx or rename and modify it to what you want .Essentialy you could dispose of the visual side of the effect and just have an emmiter emiting the prefered sound and as long as you understand the wav or series of wav files called upon by the fx_fatal_explosion_l,fx you can then modify the wave file to reflect what you want there instead so as an exsample you may make a rotor wash ocur which normally is ocuring with the Bell helecopter to happen at a certain place and have it makeing a whirlwind sound or mini tornado etcOr for a quick exsample without using bglplacer you could modify the fx_tchdrt.fx and make the beginning to look like thisLifetime=5Version=1.00Damage=1Hitpoints=5.00, 8.00Magnitude=5000.00, 5000.00Time=0.30, 0.30Range=10.00, 10.00Fire=1Fire Delay=5.00Sound=5Sound Param=28you will then notice a particular sound belonging to that fx when you take of on the bell on farmland for this example and when you land.The trick is working out what wave file is being played and then modify it so it plays the sound you want so in the end the amb_wexp4a.wav file or whatever plays what you want to hear instead of the big explosion the rest is just manipulating the fx file for your own purpose whether you want to see a visual effect or just to have it as a effect that emitts sound.And as you know the effects can be timed or random or distance trigger'd by the {Type Parameter} You could potentialy make a mountain.fx that was triggeged by distance and on aproaching the area you set of a effect that behaves like an avalanche and emmits the rolling thunderous soud of such an eventSounds seem to be dictated by the FX name and the Sound Param= entryI also found that this statement by MS isnt true entirly source (FS2002 Effects.doc)(The version number of the internal effects tool used for Flight Simulator. Do not edit this parameter. Version=2.00 is the only value that is recognized by Flight Simulator.)I have been using version 1 as they are found in CFS2 for what its worthOnce you work out the sequence of wave files that belong to a effect you can really have some fun and anyone that has got some knowledge here would be greatly appreciated ie what hapens on Sound Param=28 or Sound Param=34Very eager for feedback and will upload an example to my website soon at http://nzcoaster.kiwiclub.comin the mean time those that can have a look at this let me know what you think as it opens up some interesting possibilitiesKind Regards and Sorry about the length of this postGregNew Zealand

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