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Anyone doing 19m mesh for US or New York? N/T

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Hi Paul,not much of a response, huh? ;-)Personally, I don't think that 19-m mesh makes much of a difference unless one is in a place with many steep cliffs or small buttes etc, such as Grand Canyon, Canyonlands, or Yosemite. The "price" for that bit of added detail is ~4x size of the mesh file, greater hog on system resources, limited display depth (of the high-res mesh) and TMVL needs to be at 21 (oversteep slopes and problems with shadows). There's a free 10-m mesh of Yosemite in the FSGenesis downloads section, which will display as 19-m in FS9. It's a good test file to check out how much (IMO little) is gained when using LOD11 instead of LOD10 mesh files in flight.However, if you're undeterred, making your own LOD11 mesh from 10-m source data is easy as pie for the US. Select and download the NED 1/3-arcsec data (in BIL format!) of your area of interest here: then use the following thread to compile the source data into FS format in a matter of minutes: the download packets are limited to 100MB each it'll take you a number of downloads to compile all of NY state but the process is more tedious than complicated. Just remember that there needs to be an overlap between adjacent sections to avoid display gaps. See here:, Holger

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