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Guest julesta

How to cut the ortophotos: LOD13 ???

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Hi Julio.The source bitmap will be resized, sliced, and resulting textures properly named by Resample. Recent testing indicates we should avoid the new Resample, and use the old FS2000 version, for photoreal.The source bitmap must have a large enough span to completely cover the LOD13 areas you wish to Customize. LOD13 is one Class tile. You may need to 'stitch together' small bitmaps to ensure this coverage. The area covered may be more than one LOD13 tile, but it must be a rectangular multiple of LOD13. If the area is not a rectangle, it can be broken down into smaller LOD 13 rectangles, and more BGLs created to handle it.No partial LOD13 tiles, or they won't show. Conversely, you will probably have source bitmaps that are slightly larger than the LOD13 areas you want to cover, and that's good! The OLD Resample will discard the overhanging parts of the source!Large photoreal areas may be broken into smaller projects to control the size of the source bitmaps.Advanced techniques using Landclass BGLs allow may non-rectangular groups of photoreal textures to be placed in one LOD5 sized Landclass BGL.Misho's new TerraBuilder will be ready in a few days. He's made it as easy as possible to use, so that would be worth the wait for you. Dick

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