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Can I recharge the batteries?

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I was flying the Navajo,and started the plane while distracted by a r/l phone call. While distracted, I forgot to switch on the alternators, which of course made the batteries die in mid flight. I still had the more basic instruments (airspeed, altimeter, artifical horison) but lost all navigation, engine monitors, fuel gauges, etc etc.(BTW I love that the sim kept track of what I did wrong and nailed me for it!) I realized right away what happened and switched on the alternators, but I never managed get those instruments working again, no matter how much I fiddled with things. Is that a bug, or did I do something wrong, or perhaps should I have flown around some more to let the batteries charge up? I almost tried shutting the engines down in mid air and restarting everything, but I chickened out :)Fortunately, I was within 25 miles of my destination at the time, and managed to complete the flight VFR (at night with lots of clouds no less). I couldn't use flaps either (probably electrically actuated?), although gear lowered OK.John/madmax

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