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Guest Shalomar

Beriev 103, Lear 35

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Guest Shalomar

Donny AKA ShalomarFly 2 ROCKS!!!I have an appointment to take pics of a Lear 35 in another week. Any tips? I have arranged loan of a high-end digital camera, capable of 2035 X forget the height resolution. Also if those pics turn out, I have permission to get pics of the BE-103, a Russian piston twin amphib. I could go there any time but I want to practice on the Lear and it's out on a charter. Plus the head of the US distribution center is dealing with a contingent from Russia which has been installing prop reversers just certified for type in the US, and will be less busy in a few weeks.I'm starting to play around with panel maker, a real world pic I saw of the Captain's side of the BE 103 panel bore strong resemblance to the FLY 2 Navaho, the color of the panel, position/style of sacred six, radar altimiter and style of engine instruments were identical. So Stock guages could easily be used. A Lear is beyond me, the photo session for that is mainly for practice, but at least a plane that looks like a Beriev and sinks like a Navaho seems more doable. Maybe a separate float version, to take off on water/land on land vice versa, switch aircraft.I'd be willing to pass the pics on as long as any resulting projects were freeware and the use of the pics themselves in other freeware projects was not restricted. Also I have friends at several airports, KABE and Queen City Muni, potentially could get panel/exterior photos of many types common in Southeast PA.Best Regards, Donny:-wave

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