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Jon: Success, sort of, and failure with Restool et al

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Jon,Okay, it appears when the plane.txt file is generated by planeunlimited, a .seg file is also created, which is nothing but the flight model file sans comments. After many failures and variations of failures, I edited the .seg file and used restool, successfully! But, only once, I could not replicate my success with another .seg file, even starting over and seemingly performing the routine identically to the first.Small note: I had edited the "boost," but that was only what the guage displays in manifold pressure, and not the correct value.Here's what I do:Copy bravo.res to desktop. Use Resviewer to extract the flight model files into a folder named Mooney.Use planeunlimited to make a .txt file of the flight model.Edit said flight model in Notepad. One change, the value of "boost" from 2.0 to 1.0.Put all files into the c:fu3tools directory where ALL the tools are. (I've done variations where I put only the .txt file, the .txt file and the .seg file, etc).Using the command line in a DOS window, I use stripres to strip the comments from the .txt file. I hit "Enter," and a new command line appears with no results - it seems this may be part of the problem. It appears no comments are stripped from the .txt file.Using the command line in a DOS window, I use restool to attempt to make a res file from the seg file (or no seg file) and get the result "Files written: 0." (Except for the single success with the .seg file as mentioned above).Okay, where am I goofing??Dan

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