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Driver's Education '99

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Has anyone heard of the PC driving sim (not game), Driver's Education '99 ? I saw it in the store around Christmas 2000, and bought it for my then 13-yr old daughter who thought she knew how to drive.The Sie*** company sold it also, and DrEd99 "also" benefits from 3dfx.We're having a problem completing one of the last scenarios (and there are a bunch!), and there are no FAQ's for it on their site. There "is", however, for Driver's Ed '98 (kind of parallels ProPilot - spooky, eh?), and there is no release after '99 (again, spooky, eh?). I have yet to find anyone who has it.BTW, there is only one other PC driving sim that I know of, but it's been out of "print" for over a year. If anyone knows of any other ones, please let me know.There is a really good driving education CD (not a sim) sold at, called DriverZED, which I also have. You don't do any driving -- just interactive decision-making as you watch actual videos. Pretty neat. DrEd99 concentrates on the rules and mechanics of driving, whereas DriverZED has many of the bad things that can happen. I bought it for my now 14 1/2 yr old daughter, who, after doing pretty darn well on DrEd9 for the past year, still thinks she knows how to drive.I know now she at least has a reasonable grasp of driving, because of what it takes to get to where she is in DrEd99. It is a very unforgiving sim, and the instructor, "Driver Ed", can be a real pain ("Don't forget to check your mirrors!" -- "That yellow looked red to me."). Better that she get used to someone else griping at her before I do. And actually, that's one of the benefits of this sim -- she did in fact complain right back to him towards the begining (so did I). She has to learn that the instructor is not there to boss you around, but to instruct and correct, and that she is there to learn. Such a simple concept, eh?Dave H.Fayetteville, GA

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