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Dud:I have spent far too much filthy lucre on computers to want to buy some device that attaches to the telly to do roughly the same thing. I can say this after spending a weekend fiddling with a friend's X Box.And in using the Electron Leviathan to surf the net, I see that the console folks are cutting prices in order to gain market share. I guess the demand for them is not what they anticipated.Consoles, like Trixx, are for kids. With a ISA spec computer, if some new high zoot video card comes along, I can save up the grickles and purchase it. Same for more memory (well, I have 512 of DDR in one machine and a full gig in the Leviathan Lite). So far I have not heard of hardware upgrade one for PlayStation or X box. The folks from the Land of the Rising Sun and Redmond want you to buy the next hot box that comes down the pike.The only thing I found even mildly intriguing about the X Box was some of the sounds it made when you diddled with the remote control buttons. The X Box was sitting on the floor, next to a very alert Brother Maynard, who was no more sure of it than I was.Doc Bryant :+Doc Bryant

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