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A letter to PSS

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Dear PSS, I'm not here to beat you over the head, plough you into the ground, etc..Business changes happen, I fully expect that as do most people. Real life problems etc. can have a negative impact on companys such as yours being in a niche market, probably having other jobs and so on. Many of us being paying customers are worried about the purchases we made in good faith to you. We fully expected to be able to use these for as long as we cared to, EULA's not withstanding. You can stop supporting our purchases which seems to be the case here with the exception of a few brave souls who offer their time for free here, but if your site/store closes up, what happens to our well spent money? Are we to rely on backing up the files ourselves, with the presumption that it may not work correctly? Will you provide us with the files complete with an installer so we do not lose our purchases? All I ask, as a paying customer is what happens next? Is PSS closing? Are personal problems in the way? Please, a word from someone at PSS in an official capacity would go along way to easing some fears here, or at the very least laying this to rest. I can't believe this forum is not being read by those at PSS and ignoring it is not helping anyones cause here or at PSS. So please, do the right thing and chime in here with at least a kind word.Thanks for your time, Larry Falcone

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