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SECTION IIGENERAL SYSTEM FAQAutopilot4.1 My autopilot is very unstable using FS9 acceleration?The autopilot was tested up 16x and has been regularly flown at 8x with no instability. If instability occurs, disconnect the Auto-throttle for a few seconds, then re-connect. If this fails, try disconnecting and reconnecting the autopilot itself. As a recommendation, 4X is perhaps the highest to be used regularly.It has also been suggested that real world weather updating en-route could lead to such instability.Displays5.1 After installing /re-installing the 757/777, there are no letters/figures on the electronic displays?The installer installs two unique fonts [baloo.ttf and IRS_____.ttf] into windows and, occasionally, these fonts can be missing or corrupted after an uninstall/re-install. 5.1.1 Select Control Panel - Fonts to check whether these fonts are present. If they are not there, re-install the aircraft. If the PSS site has failed, post on the forum to get these fonts.5.1.2 If the fonts are present, double click on both to try and re-install them.5.1.3 If this fails: Copy the fonts to a temporary folder. Delete them from the fonts folder Restart Use control panel to re-install the two named fonts into the fonts folder. Start 7575.2 In 757 2d panel Pop Ups appear behind the main panel?This will occur if the 757 is loaded from any view other than 2d panel or if the initial flight sim/aircraft loading did not follow the correct sequence.Sounds6.1 Why are there no callouts on take off.Such calls which are usually made by the PNF [pilot not flying] are not modeled.6.2 Why is there no altitude alert horn as per real 757?This is a 757 customer option and, the 757 pilot consulted during development advised:"757s in the company I fly for don't have altitude alert horns when approaching the MCP altitude - just the light on the altimeter comes on.The 777 is similar except that the altitude alert light is replaced by a white highlight around the PFD altitude windowIn addition, if the altitude then deviates by 300' from the MCP window we get an altitude alert warning on EICAS along with the associated caution noises. The altitude alerting caution is inhibited with landing gear down and locked. For regular ops. it's a silent flight deck".NAVDATA7.1 The Navdata that came with the installation is dated 30 August 2006. How do I update it?Navdata is now provided as a user pay service through Navigraph. Once you have set up an account, you can download updated files which will install directly into FS9.Flight Plans8.1 How do I load a previously saved route?Full details at:http://www.phoenix-simulation.co.uk/defaul...isplayfaq&id=128.2 When I try to load a flight plan created in FS, I get a "Windows Overload Error"?Check to see how many plans you have in the folder - this error usually occurs when there are too many plans in the relevant folder.Saved Flights9.1 Every time I save a flight including a fully programmed FMC, when I later re-load it, I have to re-programme the FMC from scratch. Is there a way to save the FMC data? Ensure that you give the file a new name when you save. 757 IAS Bug Selection10.1 I know how to set the IAS bugs manually but cannot find an automatic selection procedure.As in the real aircraft, there is no auto selection and the pilot manually selects the bugs based on information from the CDU.Transition Altitude11.1 How do I set Transition Altitude on the FMC?Set TA via the VNAV pages

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