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Heading violation

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I just mention this because after many years in avaiation I don't think I've ever heard an example of a controller seriously rollicking an IFR aircaft before.Sure the odd PPL has been admonished for getting it wrong but never an IFR flight.This morning near Manchester UK(EGCC) the weather was very iffy to say the least.Some large CBs were setting off thunderstorms all over the SID routes and most of the southbound outbounds were requesting deviation from route.Most were given but the ATC unit was obviously in some dificulty as it was constantly querying the aircraft as to their intentions.On one occaision an aircraft requested a heading of 120 degrees to avoid weather and this was granted.A few minutes later ATC questioned the a/c heading which had obviously changed to 110 degrees.A sheepish reply was made "yes,we have changed heading again,due weather,sorry we didn't tell you."At which the ATC unit at Manch gave the driver a real "RC4" telling off.I've never heard anything like it before even though the weather was pretty bad.The moral is,RC4 may have got it right when you get that b*ll***ng!

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