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    Malware Update

    Tom Allensworth

    As you may have noticed, all advertising has been temporarily removed from AVSIM. Our advertising "engine" was upgraded a month ago and included in the upgrade was code that allowed a Trojan to be inserted into the system. The "package" chose its time and instances to "turn on", so the Trojan was not operating 24 x 7. The malware primarily affected IE9 browsers and was effectively blocked by all of the major virus protection programs. If you have been running IE9 and do not have an anti-virus program, we strongly suggest you do a scan of your system as soon as possible. Until we resolve the issues with our advertising back-end, we will leave the advertising off line. To our advertisers, we will extend your advertising by one day for every one that our advertising back-end is down. To everyone, please accept our apologies... This is a stark reminder that the Internet, no matter how hard we try otherwise to protect each other, is not a safe place and we must be on our guard at all times.

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