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    New News Categories

    Tom Allensworth

    We have just updated our news categories and stories that we will accept. Here is the revised statement you can read when you go to submit a news release:



    AVSIM Online is flight simulation's premier news source, visited by 100's of thousands of readers every month. AVSIM's news covers the flight and combat simulation hobbies around the world. We actively solicit news from the community, vendors and software houses and we encourage you to send news to us that you think might be of interest to those in the global simulation and aviation communities. If you have a story or a press release that is related to:

    + general aviation and aviation simulation

    + commercial aviation and news
    + air shows and similar events
    + combat simulation
    + train, ship, or other simulation
    + gaming hardware related
    + utility software of possible interest to simulation enthusiasts

    + aviation museum events and projects
    + or on any topic that you think could impact or be of interest to the aviation and simulation communities

    We encourage you to submit your story here. If you have an image to include, you can upload it along with this message. Thanks for participating and helping us to give the best in news to simulation enthusiasts around the world.

    Please be advised that we do NOT accept stories regarding Virtual Airlines and real world aircraft disasters. If you would like to post a news item related to a Virtual Airlines, you can do so by posting it in the Virtual Airline News Forums. We also do not accept online event notices, such as from VATSIM and IVAO.


    Bottom line; we are accepting news for real aviation events, news, etc. as well as from museums, air races, etc. If you have a news item, please submit it via the link that you can now find on just about every page on AVSIM.

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