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    Refresh Cache & Update Bookmarks

    Tom Allensworth

    Overnight we made some changes as to how you get to various parts of AVSIM. The reason for the change had to do with what are known as "FURLS" or "Friendly URL's". URL's of course are the Universal Resource Locators or the www.avsim.com, www.avsim.net, etc. The FURLS and some system config settings were wrecking havoc with our pagination system here on the front page and in the archives and comments that are included. We have fixed this for the most part, but are still having some issues with comments pagination, but we are working on that too.


    Bottom line! You need  to refresh your browser's cached and you need to update your book marks if you come into to AVSIM through any other link than that of http://www.avsim.com.

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