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    We are looking for a Few Good People!

    Tom Allensworth

    We are looking for a few good folks! We are opening up a new position here at AVSIM, and that shall be that of REPORTER. With our growth and expansion of our focus to include more than Flight Simulators, we are now looking for people who can write, are curious, have web search skills, and have a nose for news. Do you have those qualities? If so, you might want to consider volunteering. We are looking for people that have an interest in one or more of the following areas:

    • Flight Simulators and Combat Flight Sims, of course
    • Train simulators
    • Ship simulators
    • Tank and other combat simulators
    • Hardware (all)
    • Non simulator software (like tools and utilities that might be of interest to our readership)
    • Miscellaneous articles of interest (first persons, interviews, that kind of thing)

    This is a volunteer position, as are all of AVSIM's staff positions. We want people that can write. We do not need folks who know how to copy and paste. All of the material that our reporters will generate is expected to be original material. Reporters will provide their stories to our editors, where it will be assessed for appropriateness and edited, if necessary. Reporters work will be given a by-line and a forum tag, as well as become members of our closed REPORTERS forum.


    If you are interested in becoming a reporter for AVSIM, please send an email to staff@avsim.com giving us some background and why you would be interested in being a reporter. English does not have to be your native language, however you do need to post your reports to us in English.

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