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    Happy Thanksgiving


    In these times Thanksgiving affords the opportunity to reflect upon what is truly important to be grateful for , Family , Friends & Good Health ,

    Communities such as AVSIM are a family bringing comfort in much the same way as does having a get together.

    Friends , we are a family and  Avsim's Staff would like to thank you all for the hope of a bright future and the comfort of friendship we share .


    Happy Thanksgiving !    

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    While it's challenging to be thankful for 2020, I recently saw a list that is worth repeating here.  In 2020, I'm thankful for a leisurely pace, home-cooked meals, more sleep, more family time, completed projects, reconnecting with old friends, and finding new ways to do things (even if some are just simulated).  So, happy Thanksgiving Day Avsim family.  

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