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    AviatorCast Interviews Capt Mike Swanigan


    Alaska Airlines Capt. Mike Swanigan shares his fascinating career and joy for flight on this episode of AviatorCast 

    This turned out to be such an awesome interview with a genuinely incredible guy. AviatorCast was honored to sit down with Captain Mike Swanigan of Alaska Airlines to talk about his career, his love for flying, and what type of advice he’d give pilots today.

    But that’s just the start!

    “Swani” tells us about his time in Alaska (the state) and when he finally decided to learn to fly. He learned through the Air National Guard, a difficult experience which he shares. Then onto C-130, building time flying from Alaska to Hawaii.

    Finally he achieved his dream of flying for Alaska Airlines, but the work was just getting started. Now Swani had to work his tail off, taking positions at the airline that no one else would take, and facing challenges no one else dared. He’s certainly not a hero for during so, but he was rewarded handsomely, being highly respected by his peers and spending time in the upper leadership of Alaska Airlines.

    Mike’s true passion is flying the line and interacting with this crew, passengers, and the challenges that come with flight. Apart from that, the simple joy up ‘standing up the throttles’ and thundering down the runway is his true joy.

    You’ll find Swani’s love for flying contagious. This is a podcast worth every second of your time
    Listen in to AviatorCast Episode 17 from the link.

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