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    Rainbow Makers


    The people behind the repainter's brush

    A series of interviews by William Reynolds

    Reporter Avsim.com


    We meet Marcelo Fabian Veneziale


    Wow...ok, I have met two very interesting characters, artists in their own right...next up is a very popular repainter for Captain Sim and PMDG aircraft..Marcelo Fabian Veneziale..



    Q: Thanks for your time...so Who is Marcelo Veneziale??


    I was born in 1965 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Spent my childhood and part of my teens with my family (my Dad Ignacio, Mum Haydee Nilda and siblings Sandra and Claudio, I am the youngest).


    I was fortunate enough to attend primary at Justo Jose de Urquiza school. We not only had the usual subjects, but also practical trades like carpentry, electricity, handy work, etc..I think that is how my love for hobbys was born, we visited motor and aviation factories!


    In 1978 we all went to Europe, that was my first aeroplane experience: flew out in an Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 707, from Spain to London in a British Airways Lockheed L1011, and returned in a Varig DC-10. What wonderful memories! From that moment on, every time I fly, I ask to visit the cockpit.


    I had a routine with my parents, of visiting Jorge Newberry Airport (SABE) as well as Ministro Pistarini (Ezeiza – SAEZ), where we would spend hours in the viewing areas, just watching the movement of the aeroplanes. Of course it was all at my insistence, as I already had the aviation bug!


    I attended college ENET N9 Ing Luis A, Huergo, where I obtained a Mechanical trade. I tried to enter Aeronautical college, but being colour-blind, I was unsuccessful. At that point I turned to the very first Microsoft Flight Simulator version for my flying, and I continue to this day.


    I married young (1984) and two years later my first daughter Paula was born. In 1987 we moved to San Carlos de Bariloche, where I now call home.


    I started teaching IT in schools, and also free lessons to adults, a wonderful experience that lasted 10 years.


    During that time I divorced and married again with Maria Luisa Genova. In 1990 my second daughter Maria Lilen was born. Happiness is complete!


    I have worked in many places, fom technical draftsman to controller of sky-lifts in Andorra to graphic designer to installing artificial flooring.


    I also work repairing hardware and designing software. In 2008 I started studying GMAX, I was so excited I decided to create a replica of my local airport...took about 6 months! I remember asking my family to come with me to the airport to take photos, I even befriended the airport workers, I seemed to be there every day! It was a bit complicated as you are not allowed to take ANY photos of airport installations or infrastructure.


    This project led me to contact two great friends, and we decided to recreate Jorge Newberry Airport from scratch. Five months later it was complete.


    Since I was diagnosed with SLE (known as Lupus Disease) I work from home, which is why I can dedicate long hours to my repaints.


    Q: What attracts you to Aviation in general, and AVSIM in particular?


    Aviation??? Absolutely everything! I love reading, studying, investigating. I have all types of books, aerodynamics, meteorology, radio, etc. I love sitting in front of my simulator and simulate realism.


    Avsim? The enormous amount of information and addons that it offers. Any time I need something, it is my first stop. Before purchasing anything, I look at the Avsim reviews for guidance.


    Q: How did you start making "repaints", what was your first repaint, your biggest "disaster", your biggest frustration?


    I started in 2002, with a repaint of LAPA. I recall it was done in Photoshop.


    I considered it a personal triumph, although when I look at it now I consider it a total disaster! Another frustrating thing was the very slow dial up internet. Uploading anything was torture!


    Q: Your favourite project??


    Scenery for my local airport (SAZS) in FS2004 and FSX...also for Airport Jorge Newberry (SABE).


    Favourite repaint is Alaska Wild Seafood 737-800NGX, I had to draw the entire Salmon!!!


    Q: Favourite aircraft in real life, and in the Virtual World?


    I like all commercial airliners, Boeing and Airbus are very attractive!!


    In the simulator my favourites are the PMDG NGX and the Level-D 767, in my view, the most realistic in the market.


    Q: Your favourite repaint (yours or from another author?)


    They are all my “babies”...each one has its special meaning, however some stand out for the precision and amount of time dedicated:


    - Alaska Wild Seafood repaint for PMDG 737-800


    - Turkish Airlines “Globally Yours” for PMDG NGX, where I had to search for many individual photos on the internet to compose them on the fuselage.


    - Qantas Yananyi Dreaming PMDG 737-800NGX...took me nearly 2 weeks of 6 hours a day!!


    - OZJET Captain Sim 737-200


    Captain Sim and PMDG’s paintkits have a peculiar feature where the fuselage is not rounded, therefore to get the different areas to match is a lot of trial and error...lots of hours spent painting, loading into FSX, spotting where the lines match, try again....over and over!


    I have made my feelings known in the forums...LOL


    Q: What are your family's thoughts on your hobby and the amount of time you dedicate to it?


    Thank Goodness I have the total support of my family. Obviously the many hours spent in front of the computer is demanding, but the satisfaction of the users of my repaints makes up for the effort!


    Q: Future Plans??


    To be able to work in collaboration with any company that produces products for FSX, either making repaints or assisting in development.


    I am now 47 and finding employment is difficult in my country but I consider myself fortunate to have made the effort to upskill myself in areas I am passionate about.


    A warm embrace from the Southern lakes!


    Marcelo Fabián Veneziale




    Marcelo, a pleasure to meet you!


    What have I learnt from talking to just 3 of our many talented repainters???


    They are just normal, run of the mill people like you and me, they have a passion, a love, a belief, and – bless them – a unique skill.


    My hat off to all of you repainters in our Virtual World, from a guy who will just be happy to enjoy your wonderful art, knowing he does not have the skill or patience or attention to detail, and patience, or hours in the day, oh and did I mention patience??


    Thank you for bringing colour to our virtual skies.






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