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    737 Pro Expansion Pack & Lightning F6 Demo


    Just Flight released a demo of the English Electric Lightning F.6 . This demo features English Electric Lightning F6B in the markings of XS895 H 74 Sqn RAF. All avionics and control surfaces are fully working and no graphical spoilers have been added when used on the ground and during take-off. The only limitation in this evaluation version of the English Electric Lightning is that the model and cockpit will become unusable once you reach 1000ft. The demo can be downloaded via the English Electric Lightning F.6 product page.


    Just Flight sent notice their 737 Professional - 737-100 Expansion Pack is available to expand your 737 hangar, this pack provides the 737-100 model and ten new international airline liveries in super-resolution.


    The 737-100 was the first variant of what turned out to be the biggest selling jet airliner of all time. The aircraft was developed as a shorter and lower cost derivative of the popular 707 and 727, and with Lufthansa secured as the launch customer, work on the aircraft began in 1964. The maiden flight took place in 1967 and the first aircraft entered service in 1968.


    Features include a new model, the 737-100 , New liveries - Air Florida - American West - Ansett - Boeing - Continental (circa 1986) - Condor - Faucett - Lufthansa - People Express - Singapore

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