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    777 Immersion V1.1 Update


    This V1.1 update for 777 Immersion is the result feedback received since the initial release. A number of enhancements to the code running in the background might give a small performance boost to some, enhanced landing lights to get rid of geometric shapes visible in some circumstances. They now feel a bit more natural also. Multiple weather presets are now installed with the packages and accessible within FSX's weather menu. You can now watch all of the effects without having to to be a weather expert.


    What is included in the update?

    Support for FSX:SE

    Added weather presets;

    Added volumetric beacon lights;

    Enhanced volumetric Lighting;

    Enhanced high altitude wing condensation;

    More options in the Install Utility;

    Optimized code;

    Fixes a bug where multi-intensity contrails wouldn't work as expected;

    Fixes a minor bug in contrail effect;

    Fixes a minor bug in touchdown effect;

    Fixes a minor bug in the wing condensation effects


    Visit the 777 Immersion Update Product Page for further information

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