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    Accu-Sim Core Update Version 1.6


    A2A Simulations has released Accu-Sim Core Update Version 1.6


    -This installer updates the Accu-Sim Spitfire I/II, P-40 Warhawk, P-51 Mustang Military, P-51 Mustang Civilian, and the C172 Trainer ONLY
    -Automatically updates any previous version to the latest v.1.6
    -This installer includes and supersedes all prior specific C172 Trainer updates (up to v.1.03).
    -The Accu-Sim Piper J-3 Cub, P-47 Razorback, B-17 Flying Fortress, and the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser have their own dedicated update installers found HERE.

    3rd Party Paints:
    This core update will only overwrite your aircraft.cfg files if you do not have the latest changes (which means once updated, the update can be applied again later without losing 3rd party paints). Your existing aircraft.cfg files will be backed up into your [FSX Install] / A2A folder.


    CHANGES from v.1.5.2 to v.1.6

    - Faster FSX - Accu-Sim interface
    - Corrected save file names for p3dv2
    - Fixed brake pedal sound bug
    - Exchanging air in the cabin evaporates more window fogging

    - Removed 3rd tank preventing possible total fuel miscalculation bug
    - Fixed differential brakes in the Spitfire to be proportional to rudder deflection

    - Increased longitudinal stability and thrust pitch axis changes*

    P-51 Civilian:
    - Added 3d RXP GNS430 GPS
    - Air vent is now proper when using the mouse wheel (was reversed)
    - Increased longitudinal stability and thrust pitch axis changes*

    P-51 Military:
    - Increased longitudinal stability and thrust pitch axis changes*

    C172 Trainer:
    - C172 flood light fixed (both lights can turned on together).
    - A completely blown crank can seize an engine
    - Mechanical fuel pump output is smoother as RPM rises
    - Fixed oil temp gauge where it was not tied to the electronics
    - DME in RMT mode is more reliable (but may give slightly different readout than in FREQ/GST).
    - Improved LCD background quality. Tweaked LCD colors.
    - Added turn coordinator and artificial horizon warning flags
    - Added compass correction texture
    - Input Configurator: Flaps axis control
    - Walkaround camera fix
    - Fixed Heidi's arms on passenger seats
    - Fixed bug that was sometimes not allowing water to flow properly from tank -> strainer -> engine
    - Very slight chance of water in fuel when re-fueling
    - Mixture lever now makes a sound at the ends like the throttle
    - Changed DME audio logic
    - DME audio button is disabled in modes other than RMT, or with avionics configuration without DME receiver
    - Headphones are a bit more effective
    - Faster engine cut out when pulling the mixture
    - Minor EGT modeling changes
    - Storing the pitot cover state
    - Restored default landing lights (offer illuminated lights as an option since this was the primary cause of missing VC clickspots)
    - VC lights texture fix
    - 2D panels. Walkaround: pitot tube cover (included in CONTROLS 2d panel)
    - Generator is more robust
    - 2D panels. Controls. "Battery" is bright when the cockpit is dark
    - Engine heater cable automatically detaches when planes moves or is in the air
    - Fixed plaque on left wall
    - Fixed annunciator panel glitch
    - Vacuum pumps will last longer (typo)
    - Fixed safety pins on the main wheel
    - Slight reduction in yaw dampening (matched flight tests)
    - New Illumination DLL. This one supports custom lightmaps in livery folder
    - Fixed door hinges
    - Avionics direct entry compatible with FSUIPC
    - Stabilized AP Glideslope tracking
    - Adjusted the draw on some electrical items
    - Checklists noted and removed
    - Elevator trim axis blocked when autopilot is on

    Visit the Accu-Sim Core Update Version 1.6 forum page for details and download.

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