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    Accu-Sim v.2.0 Core Update


    A2A Simulations has updated the Accu-Sim  Core Module to  V.2.0 The core updates apply to the 172, the P-51's (military and civilian), the P-40 and the Spitfire

    While the vast majority of content for Accu-Sim v.2.0 is directed at the C172 Trainer, all Accu-Sim core aircraft owners have an improved cabin ventilation and humidity system affecting window fogging. This includes a more "porous" cabin that should make it less likely to experience a build up of internal moisture with the engine running or in flight.


    Accu-Sim C-172 Trainer


    Air vortex physics modeling
    Light vortexes are modeled and become increasingly pronounced as your speed slows down. The user should experience a more fluid-likecontrol response especially noticed during slow flight, on final, and in the landing flare.

    Thrust immediately affects pitch
    We modeled this after our flight tests exposed an immediate change in pitch with power, along with differences between the low wing Cherokee and high wing Cessna. The high winged Cessna 172 is more sensitive to power changes due to its geometry and vertical CoG.

    pFactor and torque modeling system tuning complete
    Introduced shortly after the C172 was released, we've completed tuning this system with version 2.0. You may notice a little more right rudder will be required.

    Wheel pants have an effect on fuselage rumble and wind
    Another feature that comes care of A2A's internal flight test program using the latest techniques and monitoring equipment.

    Fuel flooding
    Over priming can cause the fuel system to flood, requiring certain techniques to clear the system. Fuel flooding happens with there is too much fuel in the intake system and cylinders, making the fuel to air ratio too high for combustion. Just like any other combustion engine, the operator can either wait a few minutes (sometimes more) for the fuel to evaporate or crank the engine over with the throttle 1/2 fully opened to push the fuel through the system. NOTE: On real aircraft, reverse hand propping can also expedite this process but this is rarely necessary.

    Engine harmonics and vibrations
    We thank our latest A2A sponsor, Lord Corporation (makers of engine mounts), for their assistance in helping us further understand the science of vibration analysis. The user should notice additional cabin vibrations (shudders) when the engine rotation passes through a slow harmonic during start up and shutdown. We've also added the tire-touch torque on the landing gear.

    Advanced engine gas temperature (EGT) modeling
    This comes from a newly developed testing process developed for the Accu-Sim Cherokee for the most authentic engine leaning experience available anywhere.

    Direct Taxi
    The aircraft will taxi more precisely and center quicker (rather than continuing too far into the turn), for a more natural taxi experience

    - Additional fuel lines (engine may take a bit longer to fire up as a result)
    - New dynamic soft terrain sounds added
    - Manual park plug cleaning and battery charging in the maintenance hangar
    - Further improvements to autopilot operation
    - Hardware panels can increase AP ALT pre-selection by 100ft
    - 2D panels. Radios: ADF frequency with fractional values
    - Some pitch inertias moved from FSX to Accu-Sim
    - Added battery/alternator switches logic (cannot turn alternator one without battery)
    - Raised eye point
    - Damage OFF removes spark plug fouling and carb icing (cherokee)
    - Option for the cockpit builders which enables the cockpit sounds
    - Autostart sets the aircraft to TAXI state
    - Upper spark plugs are more resistant to fouling
    - Slightly random cylinder condition with new airplane

    - Propeller rotated 15 degrees
    - Added missing sound to GPS CRSR button
    - FSX elevator trim bug that can cause an over-sensitive elevator with certain trim settings fixed
    - GPS range in / out switch added
    - Fixed typo on the radio stack
    - Slightly changed window fogging behavior
    - Lowered fuel booster electrical draw
    - Fixed Nav2 inner knob
    - Changed XPDR interrogator light behavior
    - AFK bug fix (causing it to pause early in use)
    - Engine oil color code re-worked, should be more reliable
    - Fixed issue of too easy to over prime in warm weather
    - Battery is charged for used or overhauled planes
    - Storing GPS/NAV switch

    - Autopilot variables reset properly when changing modes
    - LinkVor=1 for LPV approaches
    - Adjusted APR mode


    All Core Aircraft
    - Improved cabin ventilation and humidity system affecting window fogging
    - Fixed the odd AFK bug that caused it to pause shortly after turning on EMERGENCY (keep in mind, no items can be yellow in the maintenance hangar for AFK EMERGENCY mode to work)


    The Accu-Sim v.2.0 Core Update Forum has full details and download information available.

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