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    Active Sky Next Official Release Dec 9


    Active Sky Next by HiFi is officially scheduled to release on December 9th , 2013. A fully-functional 7-day trial will be available, letting everyone find out first-hand how ASN can dramatically improve their simulation experience.

    Active Sky Next (ASN) contains a brand new hybrid weather depiction system with the new ASConnect interface, enabling comprehensive control of the weather environment.


    Compromised weather depiction and multiple weather modes are a thing of the past. The new ASN hybrid depiction system brings the best of all worlds together. It features accurate cloud depiction, dense coverage, thick overcast skies, smooth cloud changes, 360-degree variable cloudscapes and fully accurate and smoothed ambient weather including winds, visibility, temperature, pressure and precipitation.

    Also new to ASN is an extremely accurate precipitation radar simulation, facilitated by new cloud position awareness. Detailed radar returns match the depiction and intensity at all times, and new cloud-synchronized ambient effects provide a significant boost in realism. Variable in-cloud visibility reduction, precipitation and cloud turbulence is synchronized so that you experience things when you’d expect them.

    New air effects bring enhanced turbulence, microburst simulation, wind shear, terrain-influenced high-resolution up and down drafts, ridge lift, thermals, and improved wake turbulence that properly drifts with the wind. Forecast data integration, enhanced thunderstorm depiction, a brand new user interface, voice weather briefings, hail simulation, inter-layer wind interpolation and brand new map overlays are just a few of the other new features.

    ASN  will be first available for FSX. A Prepar3Dv2 version is expected to be available shortly after. An ASN license enables use of either version. An upgrade version will be available for recent-generation Active Sky users (ASX, ASA, ASE and AS2012).

    A video and screenshot contest will also be held during the first week of ASN’s release. Anyone can participate using the free trial. 0 cash will be awarded to the video winner, and 0 to the screenshot winner.

    For more information including screenshots, videos and latest news from the developers, visit the ASN website.

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