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    Air Traffic Control For Aerofly FS2.



    DENVER, CO USA, 9 November 2019 Advanced Research Group, LLC, a technology and product development firm based in Denver, Colorado USA is proud to announce the release of its first product for consumer flight simulation, AEROFLY FS2 RC ATC.

    "Were thrilled to bring IPACS, the developer of Aerofly FS2 , into the group of technology organizations we support across the aerospace, medical device and surgical system arenas," said Karl H. Nietsch, Jr., Managing Partner and founder of Advanced Research Group, LLC. "Having a number of Aerofly FS2 fans on our team led to the development of this product. Aerofly FS2 is unique among flight simulators available today in its use of rigid body physics for accurate flight modeling and has an exceptional graphics engine. We plan to continue to enhance and extend its core functionality with additional offerings in the near and long term."

    AEROFLY FS2 RC ATC launched with an impressive list of features integrating Aerofly FS2 with the power and remarkable FAA 7110.65 support of Radar Contact v4. Among AEROFLY FS2 RC ATC features are:

    • Radar Contact’s menu is displayed within the Aerofly FS2 window using OpenGL or Vulkan by default but can also be displayed in a secondary popup window if desired. Display of Radar Contact’s menu can also be disabled altogether.
    • The size and color of the menu text is configurable.
    • The screen location of the menu text is also configurable and can be positioned at one of the four corners of the screen (upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right). This allows for view of the Radar Contact menu without obscuring the instrument panel or window view.
    • For ATIS and enroute weather reports, metar data is downloaded periodically from one of over 11000 weather reporting stations. The weather download period is configurable with a default period of 15 minutes. Weather download can be disabled if desired.
    • While complete control of weather is not possible at this time due to limitations of the IPACS SDK interface, visibility can be controlled.
    • As depiction of visibility is highly subjective, it is highly configurable for fine tuning to the user’s preferences. Visibility control can also be disabled if desired.
    • Radar Contact is limited to interaction using only the keyboard. AEROFLY FS 2 RC ATC eliminates this limitation by providing complete support for ATC interaction using flight controller buttons (joysticks, yokes, etc.). Any controller supported by AFS2 is supported for interacting with ATC.
    • AEROFLY FS 2 RC ATC includes extensive, category-based logging facilities for troubleshooting in the event of unexpected behavior. When enabled, a log file will be created which can then be emailed to product support for evaluation.
    • Support is provided via email through a dedicated email address, on IPACS’ forum and flight simulator enthusiast sites like Avsim (which also has a dedicated Radar Contact forum).
    • A seven-day trial period is available if desired.
    • Up to two permanent licenses can be requested upon purchase.

      Additional information is available on the product website at www.afs2rcatc.com.

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    A must have for serious Aerofly FS 2 flight simmers. It has brought life to our previously silent and lonely flights.

    Thanks to Karl for this release.

    Cheers, Ed

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    Yes, the addition of RC ATC and voices in the sky makes a truly improved flying experience in Aerofly FS2.  Highly recommended.

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    Ed mate ! What step's exactly do you take and what planner do you use ? Is it an easy one to use with Radar Contact/Afs 2 Atc ? and is it Global ATC or just USA only ? Thanks !

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