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    Airbus X Extended Released


    The Airbus X Extended has just been released for download. This complex highly automated aircraft has been reissued with many additional features . From the complete navigation database (AIRAC 1312!), the fully functional RAAS (by FS2crew), semi-automatic checklist to the Digital Flight Data Recorder- everything is included, like a Step by Step flight between Frankfurt and Vienna .



    The complex integration of all systems makes it hard to do a good representation of the A320 series in FSX/P3D. But after a long development period Aerosoft delivers the Airbus X EXTENDED that includes 5 different models of the A320 and A321. It is a logical follow-up and replacement of the Airbus X released in 2010. The EXTENDED version has many systems fully rewritten to make them more realistic. New are the MCDU, AP, FMGS and FADEC, other systems have been partly changed to allow more complex procedures. The MCDU is now capable of handling flight plans that includes SIDs, STARs and routes and will guide the aircraft laterally and vertically during the whole flight.


    The flight model has been overhauled to function better with the new Auto Pilot systems and it is a pleasure to fly the aircraft manually. Of course all the standard protections (in pitch, bank and speed) are included.


    The Airbus X EXTENDED is a very complete product. With an advanced fuel planner, RAAS, Digital Flight Recorder and a NavDataPro navigation database (by Lufthansa Systems, and backwards compatible with Navigraph) it adds many things that you will need to additionally buy with other aircraft. It also includes an innovative plug-in system that allows additional functionality to be added. This is used for a new view system, an extensive sound environment and a semi intelligent co-pilots/checklist system.


    Visit the Airbus X Extended Product Page for details and download.



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