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    Airport Scenery Gateway And World Editor 1.3


    Laminar Research announced its Airport Scenery Gateway, as well as an updated and improved version of its airport scenery tool, World Editor 1.3.  The Airport Scenery Gateway can be accessed HERE and the new and improved version of World Editor HERE under Scenery Tools.


    The Airport Scenery Gateway was created to facilitate the populating of X-Plane with 3D airport sceneries that are consistent in quality and appearance, error-checked, and will work with a standard installation of X-Plane 10. During the past several months Laminar Research has received hundreds of airports designed by World Editor users.


    World Editor is an airport scenery creation and editing tool for Laminar’s X-Plane 10 that allows the typical X-Plane users to create airport scenery.  World Editor is a radical departure from other creation and editing tools, as it features drag-and-drop scenery creation in a graphical environment. As such, it takes a CAD-like approach to creating airports.  All airports are made up from a collection of different items or entities of a specific type.  For example; runways, taxiways, windsocks, signs, and buildings. Word Editor is organized to create and edit each of these items on an individual basis, so a user can add an item, then edit it’s characteristics or attributes at will.


    A key feature of previous World Editor versions has been the ability for a user to create an airport scenery and then manually send it to Laminar for inclusion into a future X-Plane 10 update.  Once checked by Laminar for acceptability, it was then included in the airport data when X-Plane users received X-Plane updates from Laminar.

    By establishing an internet gateway for scenery submission, it is now possible with World Editor 1.3 for users to automatically submit airport scenery contributions directly to the Airport Scenery Gateway.  X-X-Plane users can visit the Airport Scenery Gateway to search for airport scenery submissions. The scenery can then be immediately downloaded into X-Plane 10 before it appears in a scheduled X-Plane update.  The gateway also contains a dedicated Artist page, where the work of individual World Editor artists are showcased.  Each artist has his own page containing all his airport scenery submissions.  

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