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    Alabeo SU26 for X-Plane


    Alabeo has released their SUKHOI 26 for X-PLANE. The Sukhoi Su-26 made its first flight in June 1984 and is a single-seat aerobatics plane from the former Soviet Union, powered by a single radial reciprocating engine. The Su-26 has mid-mounted straight wings and fixed landing gear, the main gear mounted on a solid titanium arc.


    Some of the features:

    • Blank textures for creating your own designs.
    • Real flight model.
    • High quality 3D model, textures and sounds.
    • Detailed aerobatics maneuvers PDF.


    Included in the package:

    • 2 liveries
    • 1 Blank texture
    • Datasheet PDF
    • Aerobatic PDF


    Further, we understand this aircraft was not developed for X-Plane 10. But as per the developer it works in that platform, although it does not take advantage of all the new features. A new patch is expected in the future to make it 100% compatible.


    For more information visit their Product Page

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