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    Albatros D.III Oeffag For FSX


    The A2A Aircraft Factory has released the Albatros D.III (oef) for FSX. The Albatros D.III which was introduced in December 1916 and became a deadly adversary to the Entente planes in the Spring 1917. The plane received a completely new wing, inspired by the French Nieuport 17.c1 sesquiplane design. This improved the climb and turn ratio over the older D.I and D.II versions. The aircraft add-on features


    - High resolution textures

    - High quality, naturally animated pilot figure

    - 3d gauges

    - Six historical paint schemes

    - Paintkit (to be released a bit later) as a separate download

    - All the cockpit instruments are clickable

    - Separate pop-up panel which enables wheel chocks and engine cover which keeps the engine from overcooling in cold weather



    For more information visit their Product page

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