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    Ant's Airplanes TROJAN T28B&C


    Ant's Airplanes announces the release of the TROJAN T28B&C for FSX and version 2 of the T-28D. The T-28 Trojan was a military trainer from the 1950's. The original T-28A was an 800hp aircraft built for the USAF. The T-28B had a more powerful 1425hp engine and was used by the US Navy as a primary trainer well into the 1980's. The T-28C was a modified T-28B designed for aircraft carrier operations. These FSX models feature faithful, highly detailed recreations of the original aircraft. Also included are attack versions of each aircraft which add 6 weapons stations with guns, rockets and bombs. Other features include virtual cockpit rain, icing and fogging effects, engine damage modelling, in game fuel and payload editing, custom sounds and much more. The T-28D model has been updated to version 2 (a free upgrade to existing T-28D owners) to include all the new features introduced with the T-28B/C.

    Drop by Ants Hangar for a look at the new TROJAN T28B&C and updated T_28D.

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