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    Antarctica Mega Scenery



    Antarctica Mega Scenery is the newest launch for X-Plane 11 with more than 12 million km2, airports, stations and camps in 3D and 15 runways.

    There are 51 research stations of different nationalities, with airstrips and heliport. Of the 51 locations, 35 are 3D scenarios and 16 2D scenarios that HSimulators will develop and update free of charge for those who buy version 1.

    Throughout the Scenario geospecific objects are mixed with geotypics were used. As the scenario is the ice covering throughout Antarctica, only fragments of realistic textures were used, in two or three locations, even because the inputs are expensive and it is impossible to use large areas, as the price of these inputs would make the project impossible.

    Product overview: Mesh terrain of Antarctica's total area, completely covered by the ice cap, developed with the generation of DSFbuilder, HSimulators' mesh terrain management and creation program.

    Size and requirements: Downloadable file has 6,2 GB GB and unpacked needs 29, 7 GB in HD. Now you can plan your flight across Antarctica.

    What do you need:
    A computer with a game configuration, with excellent high performance video card processing.
    Windows 7 or 7  or IOS MAC
    X-Plane 11 licenced copy
    30 GB of free space in HD
    No need for external plugins or additional libraries

    Read more at  Antarctica Mega Scenery 

    Edited by Chuck_Jodry-VJPL

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