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    ATCPro Releases Major Update


    Flag Mountain Software and Aerius Designs are proud to announce a new major update for their revolutionary ATC simulation, ATCPro. It authentically simulates the TRACON environment of air traffic control where aircraft are monitored on radar and guided to their destinations within 30 miles of major airports in the United States.

    It has been in development for over 2 years, by Flag Mountain Software and Aerius Designs, a team of software experts, aviation professionals and enthusiasts including real Air Traffic Controllers with more than 30 years professional experience.

    Here is the list of the major enhancements since the original release:

    A/C Flight Dynamics have been redesigned
    Climb, descend, banking, turns, speed management all use aircraft performance characteristics

    GA Aircraft sub-system redesigned
    New GA sliders in the Duty Desk
    GA flights no longer impinge on restricted airspace
    Revised arrivals, departures, and pattern flights

    Entirely new user-defined weather system:
    New weather controls in the Duty Desk
    Weather Display in the Duty Desk

    New flight schedule database based on actual live flight data from January 2016.

    Point outs now supported.

    Command readback functions have been revised to eliminate choppiness in the speech.

    For any given procedural infraction during your session, you will only be squawked at by the instructor once.

    New Command: standby. Example: “Baron one six uniform standby”. When you receive an IFR release clearance request from a satellite airport and you are busy, give him the standby command. He won't bug you again for five minutes. SR only, not a keyboard command.

    GA flight plans - various tweaks and adjustments to avoid impinging on restricted airspace.

    For inbound GA flights, the altitude inhibit has been removed. This means you will get an altitude squawk unless you descend him or issue the altitude squawk inhibit command - F10 - V - then click the target.

    New Keyboard Command: IC - IFR Clearance. This command must be typed, there are no buttons for it.

    New Keyboard Command: RG - Release Granted. This command must be typed, there are no buttons for it.

    Commands entered via the menu or keyboard will now show in the communications history window.

    GA maximum flight altitudes have been changed. Now will fly at facility altitude rounded up to the next thousand feet, + 8000. So, for ABQ, this would be 6000 + 8000 = 14,000.

    For more infomation, screenshots, videos, and to purchase this great ATC simulation software, please go to the ATCPro Product Page

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