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  • AviaTrainX A320 Now Available


    PremierSim Studios, has announce the release of its Video Training Solution for the A320 Enthusiast.


    AviaTrainX A320 a new understanding of the complex A320 and its systems will emerge right at your fingertips. Get a full understanding and explanation of the A320 systems and its particularities of the ight protection laws and rules.

    Designed to aid the Flight Simulator enthusiast fully master the marvel of engineering of Airbus Industries, AviaTrainX evolves with dynamic updates to accomodate the development of new Addon Payware models. So with AviaTrainX A320 you are always up to date, and in combination of AviaTrainMissionX

    you will recieve monthly Training Flights with advanced Procedure Training going thru the 1000's of ECAM failure procedures.

    The AviaTrainX Base Package offers :

    Necessary knowledge of the aircraft’s systems

    Understanding of the normal procedures such as Take off, ILS Approach or VOR/DME Approach

    Con-dence to deal with abnormal procedures such as a High speed abort.

    Knowledge on how to properly set up the MCDU

    Charts, Checklist , and more...

    “We have seen the need to enable the FlightSim Community to properly learn how to fly this complex aircraft...” says Mrs Gudrun Walford, Director of Sales

    and Marketing at Premier Hospitality Group “ hence we have created PremierSim and its AviaTrainX Training Solution.”


    PremierSim is using various Airbus 320 as Training Equipment. While still some are under development we are working closely together with the developers of the Aircraft to advise them in the implementation of all systems and that the Simulations reects the operation of the Real World counterpart. As more an more of the systems get implemented such as failures and full ECAM Procedures we will adapt our Training Suite.


    Basic Training completed , but you want to take it up to the next level of Realism. We have you covered. With our Pro Series " MissionX" we are creating


    exactly this. Watch and receive over 150 hours Procedural Training from Real World A320 Pilots, recorded in the Real A320 Flightdeck and Simulator.

    Receive Mission assigments and complete them to have the Chance to win every 3 month a Simulation Experience in a full scale A320 Simulator.

    Every month join a video conference with a different Real World A320 Captain ,and ask all the questions you always wanted to ask.

    Advanced System Training including ECAM failure messages and abnormal Procedures complete your Training Package, and make you virtually an Expert

    of the A320.

    Achieve in a Sim Environment what only Real World Pilots achieve...

    Visit the AviaTrainX A320 for details .

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