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    AWG CFM 56-5C Jet Engine Soundset


    AWG Simulations presents its latest creation - the CFM 56-5C jet engine, the most powerful member of the CFM 56 family of engines. The -5C engines can output a mighty 34,000lb of thrust. It was designed for long haul travel and as such it features innovative technology for low fuel consumption and ability to meet all existing environments.


    This jet engine is used on the Airbus A340-200/300 series of long haul aircraft. The A340 is world known for the best in its class efficiency and performance. All sounds in this package have been recorded from real aircraft so you will find no computer generated sounds and we have taken advantage of unique FSX capabilities such as Sound Cones.


    It features:


    -Sounds recorded from the real aircraft


    -New realistic touchdown and gear sounds


    -Autopilot/Autothrottle disconnect sounds


    -Take-off and landing roll sounds


    -Custom cockpit sounds (cockpit environment etc.)


    -Custom Flap and lever/switch sounds


    -APU Sounds


    -FSX Soundcone Technology




    It is available from the - AWG Simulations Homepage



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