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    AWG Simulations PW 123/150 soundset


    AWG Simulations announce their latest release, the PW 123/150 soundset used to power the Bombardier Dash 8-300/400.


    The PW 123/150 turboprop engines are designed for use on commuter jets which can carry between 30-70 people. They boast increased fuel efficiency and lower operating costs over rival engines. They are also quieter than the previous generation leading to increased passenger comfort.


    AWG Simulations went to the trouble of recording the sounds from real aircraft to provide you with the ultimate sound experience. Every sound has been recorded from real aircraft with no computer generated sounds. This ensures 100% accuracy. The FSX version also makes use of unique FSX features such as Sound Cones.


    The product also features;


    -Sounds recorded from the real aircraft


    -Autopilot/Autothrottle disconnect sounds


    -Take-off and landing roll sounds


    -Custom cockpit sounds (cockpit environment etc.)


    -Custom Flap and lever/switch sounds


    -APU Sounds


    -FSX Soundcone Technology


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