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    BAe Jetstream 32 for X-Plane 9 &10


    X-Aviation release the BAe Jetstream 32 for X-Plane 9 and 10. The aircraft is developed by the same creator of the Take Command! CRJ-200, and boasts a beautiful 3D cockpit and exterior model, as well as numerous systems and failures simulated! The BAe Jetstream 32 is a small twin-turboprop airliner, with a pressurized fuselage. Due to its unique design the aircraft is a challenge to fly, yet very enjoyable for around the pattern work as well.

    Features include:

    - Custom simulated systems.

    - Optional manual or automatic engine startup.

    - Ground power unit start simulated with visible GPU.

    - Sounds created based on real aircraft recordings.

    - Failure system simulation. Emergency hand pump hydraulics simulated as well as dump mode.

    - Ability to control in-cabin air temperature and see real effects based on selection.

    - Awesome atmospheric effects, including ice buildup, fog, function wipers clearing water.

    - Simulated pressurization system.

    - Detailed HD modeling and texturing - Reflective glass on instruments in the cockpit.

    - Immersive lighting effects with different controls for illumination.

    - Fully detailed 3D cockpit complete with tons of animations. More than 90% of the instruments are simulated, including more advanced radios.

    - 10 liveries to choose from.

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