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    Bear Studios J-11B Ver1.1


    Bear Studios have released version 1.1 of their J-11B making full use of feedback and suggested modifications.


    Change List on Ver1.1

    1, Flight model adjusted to reduce supersonic vibration and improve stability in low speed

    2, Correct G limit in Flight Model.

    3, Reduce acceleration

    4, Adjust landing gear compress animation for 3d models and related setting in flight model

    5, Fix flare shot effect auto release and engine smoke always on at flight loading problems.

    6, Add visual damage for FS2004 version

    7, New high visibility navigation/beacon lights effects for FSX version.

    8, More reflection for canopy glass for FS2004 version

    9, Fix UFCD gps mode inops problem, now the GPS input/select mode on UFCD available

    10, Add additional radar target vector mode for fsx mission usage, now the mission waypoint/target symbol can be shown on both combat and navigation display pages in MFD and Hud. In navigation pages mission waypoint can be indicated by heading point symbol. In combat display, it can be indicated by ACM or GMT page`s target designator symbol.


    Bear Studios suggest all of J-11B ver1.0 users backup custom r liveries and modifications, and reinstall Ver1.1 to over Ver1.0 .

    Ver1.1 setup has been sent to websites distributing the J-11B in first week in 2013 , Pilots are instructed to download the new version from their original point of purchase.

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