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  • 'Beechcraft Baron 58 add-on Detail Pack For FSFlyingSchool 2018 X-Plane


    Beechcraft Baron 58 add-on Detail Pack for FSFlyingSchool 2018 for X-Plane 11 and 10 Released

    Want to fly a flight like an expert in the cool, classic Beechcraft Baron 58?

    This new add-on for FSFlyingSchool 2018 for X-Plane 11 and 10 offers extra detailed treatment when flying this exciting airplane.
    Your instructor knows the details of this aircraft and will expect the same from you.

    He's all set for your flights in the X-Plane Baron or Carenado Baron - let's go flying!

    This new product has the instructor reading Baron 58 checklists to you, but what's more important is that he'll be watching your performance and looking for those details that are so essential in a Baron 58.


    In addition to FSFlyingSchool 2018's detailed analysis of your flights, you'll hear extra advice and warnings all specific to the Baron 58.

    Fuel management, pitot heat, yaw damper, magnetos, throttle, mixture, ceiling, single engine speeds, flap speeds, before takeoff procedures, starting the engines, landing techniques and much more.

    Works with both the X-Plane Baron or Carenado Baron!

    Get ready to fly the classic X-Plane Baron or Carenado Baron like the PROs!

    To find out more, watch movies and download a free demo, visit the FSFlyingSchool Website  .

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