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    Bird Air Route Puttgarden, Rodbyhavn and Maribo Airfield 


    The “Bird Air Route” from Puttgarden (Germany) to Rødbyhavn (Denmark)  now available after 13 months of development

    This addon consists of 3 sceneries: Puttgarden, Rodbyhavn and the Maribo airfield (EKMB)

    The “Birds Air Route” (Danish: Fugleflugtslinjen, German: Vogelfluglinie) is the direct rail and road link between the metropolitan areas of Copenhagen and Hamburg. The route passes through the islands of Fehmarn, Lolland, Falster and Seeland. Only between Puttgarden (on the German island “Fehmarn”) and Rødbyhavn (on the Danish island “Lolland”) is there a 19 km ferry connection across the Fehmarn Belt.
    Exactly these two places/ports (plus the airfield "Maribo" on Lolland) are the scenery.


    During the development of the scenery, great importance was attached to the highest possible level of detail and a high recognition value. Hundreds of buildings were reconstructed very realistically, one by one, from photographs. Also with the vegetation, each tree and each hedge stands where they belong according to aerial photograph. In addition, hundreds of static objects were placed to give the scenery a natural look.

                 Addon Features:


    ·         This addon consists of 3 sceneries: Puttgarden, Rodbyhavn and the Maribo airfield (EKMB)


    ·         Complete scenery of Puttgarden (buildings realistically reconstructed from photos)


    ·         Complete scenery of Rodbyhavn (buildings realistically reconstructed from photos)


    ·         Maribo Airfield (EKMB): Default airfield upgraded with realistically reconstructed buildings, airplanes, people and other objects.


    ·         7 AI ships (4 Scandline ferries, 1 fishing boat, 1 sailing schooner and a cargo ship calling at the ports in the scenery and surroundings).


    ·         4 AI locomotives operating in the Puttgarden and Rodbyhavn railway facilities.


    ·         Dynamic lighting in P3D V4.x


    ·         Switchable floor picture in Rodbyhavn for users of "Vidan Design Real Denmark X Zealand".


    ·         5 Seasons


    ·         Scenery configurator with many configuration options, so that the scenery can be adapted to any PC system.




    Now available at SimMarket 

    Many Pictures, a video and the manual in German and English language can be found on the SimDocks website 


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