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    Boeing B314 - The Clipper For P3D


    Following the release of their study level version of the absolute quintessential flying boat, the majestic Boeing B314 Clipper Pro, PILOT'S are very pleased to now announce the immediate availability of The Boeing B314 - The Clipper Basic Version. Although the B314 lacks the modern complexity of today's airliners, the various aircraft stations inside what is more of a pilot, navigator and engineer's suite rather than a mere cockpit, provides its own challenges and complexity. While the Pro version of the B314 lets you both explore and use these individual stations, the Basic version allows the novice to startup and fly the B314 without having to control the individual parameters of the generator, handpumps, fuel transfer, propeller feathering and tank water drainage. The Sperry Gyropilot also has only one setting for level flight, whereas the Pro version allows full control for all settings involving pitch, bank, heading and control surface reaction speed.

    Priced competitively the B314 Clipper Basic version is aimed at offering those not wanting to commit to adding the study-level version to their hangar, or rather dock, a taste of flying this magnificent flying boat. And should you at a later stage decide to want to purchase the Pro version after having bought and flown the Basic version, there will of course be an upgrade path available that does not exceed the current full price of The Boeing B314 - The Clipper Pro version.

    The Boeing B314 - The Clipper Basic Version is currently exclusively available at the PILOT'S  web store .

    Edited by Chuck_Jodry-VJPL

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