• C172SP Skyhawk G1000 FSX/P3D


    CARENADO has released their C172SP Skyhawk G1000 for FSX and P3D

    Special Features

     Full FSX, P3D v2, v3, v4, and Steam compatible.
     G1000 with Navigraph updatable database feature
    Synthetic Vision System powered by WebSimConnect (1 year subscription INCLUDED)
     Cold and Dark start option
     Takeoff run and landing real rolling movement effect
     Dynamic propeller shines effect.
     Cold and Dark start option
     Hide/unhide copilot feature
     Hide/unhide pilots option when aircraft is shutdown


    Carenado G1000
           -Load a departure procedure (SID)
           -Load an arrival (STAR)
           -Load an approach (RNAV, ILS, VOR, etc.)
            -Normal and Emergency Checklist on screen.
           -TAWS and TCAS with visual and audible alerts.
           -MFD map with traffic, topo and terrain awareness display option.
           -MFD Weather radar operative
           -Inset map with traffic, topographic and terrain awareness option.
           -Fully customizable (AUX page included).
           -3 different wind option display.
           -Multicolor screen display

    VNAV feature operative
    Updatable database

    AIRAC cycle 1310 (October 2013) included
    Customizable panel for controlling windows transparency, instrument reflections and static elements such as wheel chocks and sights props.
    Real behavior compared to the real airplane. Real weight and balance.
    Tested by real pilots.

     This aircraft does not have a 2D panel. Only PFD and MFD has a 2D windows

    Included in the package
     5 HD liveries.
     1 HD Blank livery
     C172 Emergency Checklist PDF
     C172 Normal Procedures PDF
     C172 Performance Tables PDF
     C172 Reference PDF
     Carenado G1000 manual PDF
     Recommended Settings PDF
     G1000 with Navigraph updatable database feature
     AIRAC cycle 1310 (October 2013)

    Technical Requirements
     Windows: 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP.
     Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX with SP1 and SP2 (or Acceleration Pack) installed or Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D Flight Simulator v3 or v4 or FSX Steam Edition.
     i3 processor/3GHz or similar
     Minimum 2GB RAM (Recommended 4GB RAM)
     512MB graphics card.
     1.1GB available hard disk space

    You don´t need to have a subscription with Navigraph because this package installs an October 2013 Navigraph database which has all the information you need to perform a flight. But if you want to keep your database up to date you will need a subscription with Navigraph (click here to get it).

    INTERNET CONNECTION is required for installing this product.


    User Feedback

    I picked this one up.  The Synthetic Vision is amazing.  However, the use of the navigation (building a flight plan, going direct to a point, and following an approach) is less than ideal.  In fact, I have 3 Carenado planes with the G1000 and have yet to successfully build, edit and fly a flight plan. Even watched the youtube videos on out to do it all, but no success getting the system to even fly a RNAV approach correctly. :(

    The rest of the plane is beautiful though! 


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    I wonder how much the subscription to "WebSimConnect" is and what you're supposed to do when it runs out?

    I don't see a lot of information on it.


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    I see that they extended the "WebSimConnect" to a 3-year free subscription.  I'll go ahead and try it out now. That seems like it would be worth having.


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    Has anyone seen an in-depth technical review of the G1000 in this product?

    I appreciate the products Carenado produces, their target audience has generally been less the technically realistic side, more to balanced ease of use and better graphics quality.

    A such I'm wondering how far this version goes toward G1000 system modeling.

    The G1000 requires constant practice for me to function well with it in my GA flying. I'm hoping to add this to my real-world practice in a more fun way. The G1000 simulator produced by Garmin is, of course, fantastic for practice. It's not as fun as P3D aircraft flying with a C172 or C182 G1000 well-modeled system added on would be.


    Frankly, for the price, I should just try it out...


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