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    Captain Sim (777-200) Service Pack 0.5


    Captain Sim (777-200) Service Pack 0.5 Released


    The 777 Captain (777-200) Service Pack 0.5 is available and includes SP 0.201, SP 0.3 , SP 0.4 plus the following new features and enhancements:


    - 777-200ER PW 4090 model variation added

    - 777-200ER PW 4090 Korean Air HL7526 (cn 27947/148) livery added

    - FMC various engines support added

    - EFB various engines support added

    - MCP 2D panel added

    - EFIS 2D panel added

    - Knobs "self-spin" animation fix (300+ items)

    - MCP displays 6 and 9 characters improved

    - Manual Part I updated

    Visit Captain Sim`s Homepage for details and download.

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