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    Captain Sim L-1011-1 Exterior Released


    Captain Sim has released their Highly detailed digital replica of the  L-1011-1 aircraft . Key Features Include:

    • • Captain Sim quality and realism
      • 4X** high resolution textures of 11 popular liveries
      • Hundreds of realistic animations
      • Animation control panel
      • Transparent 3D windows
      • Passengers
      • Stewardess model (various airline uniforms)
      • Wing flex
      • Wing vortices
      • Self-shade
      • Pre-saved views
      • Repaint Kit (coming soon)
      • DirectX 9/10 compatible
      • FPS friendly



    - British Airways G-BBAH
    - Trans World Airlines N81026/31026
    - Delta Air Lines N721DA
    - Cathay Pacific Airways VR-HOD
    - Eastern Air Lines N335EA
    - Air Canada 80-s C-FTNL/512

    - Air Canada 90-s C-FTNL/512
    - All Nippon Airways JA8522
    - LTU D-AERE
    - Air Transat C-FTNL
    - Saudia Airlines HZ-AHF





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