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    Carenado CT206H Stationair G1000 Extension Pack For X-Plane Released


    Carenado has released their CT206H Stationair G1000 Extension Pack For X-Plane.


    Carenado G1000 (PFD and MFD)
        -Terrain Awareness map mode
        -Different declutter levels
        -Advance menus and cursor with scroll wheel, click/hold or /drag
        -Aux-Trip Planning Window
        -Checklist mode
        -Crisp, vector-based water data
        -Pop-up windows can be resized and moved around the screen
        -Pristine scroll wheel support
        -FPS-friendly terrain map
    KFC225 autopilot
    Only for X-Plane 10.40 or higher.
    X-Plane 64 bits compatible.
    Multi-function scroll support
    3D stereo sounds.


    This is an extension pack for the previously released CT206H Stationair HD SERIES for X-Plane.
    You HAVE TO HAVE the latest version of that aircraft in order to run this extension pack.


    Visit the Carenado CT206H G1000 Extension Pack Product Page Homepage for further information.

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