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    Carenado DA62 G1000 FSX/P3D


    Carenado has released their DA62 G1000 for FSX/P3D

    Special Features
     Full FSX, P3D v2, v3, v4, and Steam compatible.
     Carenado G1000 with SID, STAR and APP (RNAV, ILS, VOR, etc.)
     Updatable database – AIRAC cycle 1601 (January 2016) included
     Flexing wing effect (wingflex)
     Superb material shines and reflections.
     Volumetric side view prop effect
     Windows scratches and blades shines
     High quality 3D model and textures.
     Customizable panel for controlling windows transparency, instrument reflections and static elements such as wheel chocks and sights props.
     Real behavior compared to the real airplane. Real weight and balance.
     Tested by real pilots.


    You don’t need to have a subscription with Navigraph because this package installs a January 2016 Navigraph database which has all the information you need to perform a flight. But if you want to keep your database up to date you will need a subscription with Navigraph (click here to get it).


     This aircraft does not have a 2D panel. Only PFD and MFD has a 2D windows

    For more information visit the Carenado DA62 Homepage

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    So typical of Carenado - gorgeous model, God-awful avionics & autopilot.  Database has no approaches or runways in it, even AFTER the update to 1811.  Entering a flight plan is entertaining (some of this panel, knobs from that panel) but do NOT attempt to to use Direct-To to a waypoint in it, it'll go to that waypoint & vanish everything else - old FSX behavior! All enroute info on the dedicated page for it is just plain wrong, manually tuning the ILS will work, but leveling off prior to FAF, plane will then begin an uncommanded climb (to the GS I guess?) well before GS is even active.  Bush-league, any way you slice it.  Anyone know a way to install the Mindstar G1000 into this thing? In VC as well?  Too nice a model to be crippled by lazy programming, the Carenado puppy mill approach is alive and well!

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