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    Cera Sim UH 60L Blackhawk V1.0 Released


    Cera Sim have released an update to their UH60L Black Hawkfor FSX bringing the version to V1.0

     The following changes were listed
     - Fixed Multiplayer session.
      - Fixed landing gear Impact Damage .
     - Fixed landing gear retactable sound.
     - Fixed consumption Fuel.
    Noted on the release information were the following:
    : Parking brake and Tail wheel lock, work perfectly.
    Parking brake release: apply left brake, will release the parking brakes (see Checklist Page 1).
    Tail wheel lock: Is controlled by the tail wheel lock control switch in the miscellaneous switch panel (see User's guide Page 9).

    Owners are advised to log in to their point of purchase download section to obtain the files and reinstall.

    Visit the Cera Sim Homepage for further details

    About the product

    The UH-60 Black Hawk, developed by Sikorsky, is a utility tactical transport helicopter, is a four bladed, twin-engine, and non-retractable landing gear.

    Exclusively for Flight Simulator X Acceleration.

    •Optional GPS-equipped versions: Reality XP GNS 530 or FSX default GPS (separate installer for each in download).
    •Realistic flight dynamics.
    •Original stereo sound.
    •Fully clickable 3D virtual cockpit.
    •3D gauges.
    •HD quality exterior and Interior textures (2048 x 2048).
    •Additional animations. ◦Wipers.
    ◦Pilot, copilot, gunner and crew chief.
    ◦Pilot’s doors.
    ◦Gunner’s windows.
    ◦Machine gun.
    ◦Engine inlet and exhaust covers.
    ◦Pitot covers.
    ◦Nose compartment door.
    ◦Door cargo hook.
    ◦Protective armor wind
    ◦Engines cowling.
    ◦Jettison pilot’s door.
    ◦Main and tail rotors fully animate.

    •High detail 3D model in the interior and exterior.
    •Auxiliar power unit.
    •Navigation lights: steady and flash / dimming and bright position.
    •Anti-collision lights: lower, both, upper/ day and night position
    •Formation lights.
    •Landing and search lights.
    •Separate switch dim cabin lights.
    •Night vision NVG Effect (beta).
    •5 Liveries.
    •Paint kit.
    •NO 2D Panel Is provided

    This helicopter works only under Flight Simulator X Acceleration.

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