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    Chubu Centrair International (RJGG)


    Pacific Islands Simulation has released it's third Asian airport "Chubu Centrair International (RJGG)." The real-world Chubu Centrair International airport (ICAO: RJGG, IATA: NGO) is situated on an artificial island in the Ise Bay within Aichi Prefecture. The airport is 22 miles (35 km) south of Nagoya in central Japan. It was officially opened on February 17, 2005 and is Japan's third off-shore airport, after Nagasaki and Kansai International airports and is also the second airport built in Japan on a man-made island. The airport has a 11483ft (3,500m) runway oriented north south (18/36) on 176/356 degree headings and sits 15ft (4.5m) above sea level.


    In 2010, Chubu Centrair saw 9,271,382 passenger transits, had 84,684 aircraft arrivals and departures, and catered for 161,740 freight ops, making it the 8th busiest airport in Japan.




    Accurate airport terminal, freight and commercial buildings throughout the entire artificial island;

    HD apron/tarmac textures;

    Custom lighting system with realtistic night lighting ambience;

    Custom 10m terrain mesh to support artificial island;

    Boundary seawall wrapped around entire island airport;

    Soft shadow on objects;

    Custom vegetation;

    15cm/pixel photoreal landclass;

    Season photoreal coloration typical of Central Japan;

    Static Japanese airport ground vehicles, cargo pods, and equipment;

    AI boats and road traffic;

    Weathered runway and apron markings;

    Sentorea Bridge and train commuter link between airport and mainland;




    Visit the Pacific Islands Simulation Homepage for details and download.

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