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    Cirrus SR22 GTSx Turbo


    Carenado has released their Cirrus SR22 GTS Turbo .

    Features include the following:

    Carenado G1000 Perspective (PFD and MFD) with GFC 700 Control Unit

    -Normal and Emergency Checklist on screen

    -TAWS and TCAS with visual and audible alerts

    -Fully customizable (AUX page included)

    -Inset map with traffic, topographic and terrain awareness option

    -3 different wind option display

    -Special full engine section with fuel lean assistant

    -MFD map with traffic, topographic and terrain awareness display option

    HD quality textures (2048 x 2048)

    3D gauges

    Included in the package:

    5 HD liveries.

    1 HD Blank livery

    2 models (1 and 2 pilots on board)

    Carenado G1000 Perspective PDF

    SR22T Emergency Checklist PDF

    SR22T Normal Procedures PDF

    SR22T Performance Tables PDF

    SR22T Reference PDF

    Recommended Settings PD.

    Visit the SR22 GTSx Turbo HD SERIES FSX/P3D Homepage for details and download.

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