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    Coming Soon Drawbridge Designs KILM


    X-Aviation and Drawbridge Designs sent word of new in-sim images of their upcoming joint release for Wilmington International Airport (KILM).


    This Wilmington International Airport scenery is the result of an immense amount of hours in design, airport visits and painstaking attention to detail. With many photo trips, blueprint designs to work off of, and a team of very talented people dedicated to X-Plane. This scenery incorporates and utilizes all of the amazing features of X-Plane 10 .


    The airport itself was chosen due to its proximity to hubs and the level of traffic it receives. It fits within the realm of most anyone's type of flying, from GA to big jets! With regional and heavy metal jet service to New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Charlotte, and Orlando/Sanford International Airports it seemed rather ideal for what we believe the average user of products like the Take Command! CRJ-200 would utilize that aircraft for. Of course, as mentioned there are also heavier jets that service this airport, including MD-80's and Airbus 320's, so the variety is good!



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