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    CropDuster X For FSX & P3D


    CropDuster X is a new stand-alone addon for “Microsoft Flight Simulator X®” and “Lockheed Martin Prepar3d V2.5/V3.2®”, running alongside your sim. It is not misson-based - it dynamically generates fields suffering from three different conditions in your simulator world. Just start your flight at the airport of your choice, using every aircraft in your hangar. Choose the correct dusting agent for the field you are going to serve (mind the weight!) and take off to fertilizing fields, watering dry crops or eradicating locusts.


    Generate fields instantly, at random or in any specific place you like.
    Fields will suffer from three different conditions that need individual remedies.
    Crop “health” will get worse over time.
    Fly low! Dusting agents lose effectiveness very fast at altitudes above 50ft.
    A score is calculated based on how fast you manage to dust the crops before they start degrading.
    Send out AI airplanes to assist you.
    Use any plane in your FS hangar.
    Refill your tanks and change your loadout at the airport.
    Handle the effects of weight shift when dropping dusting agent from your aircraft.
    Tweak every aspect of the simulation to your liking.
    Save or load settings profiles.
    Save or load situations.

    Separate versions for ESP based simulators included: FSX with Acceleration (boxed), FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3D v2.5, Prepar3D V3.2
    For further information please download the full documentation from the CropDuster X website

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